Love it or Return it


Don't Like the Style, Color, Look, or Feel of What you Ordered?

No problem. If you ordered a product from us that doesn't look like what you imagined or you're just generally unhappy with the outcome of your apparel we will help you out.

While we love for every item to stay sold as it is custom made, we understand sometimes things don't work out. We're here to help. Whether it be a refund, an exchange, or something else, we have your back.


Guaranteed Quality

We focus on providing you with the best looking Greek letter apparel possible. We do this by offering unique fabric options you won't find elsewhere, giving you control over your customization, and shipping directly to your door, dorm, or apartment at a low cost or in many cases for free.

If you receive a product from us that doesn't meet quality standards we'll take it back and offer a full-refund or a free replacement. That's our guarantee to you.


We stand by our product, if we made a mistake we'll make it right.

We are a company run by humans, with that said we can make mistakes. If you receive your order and anything is incorrect, such as: size, shirt color, embroidery customizations, etc. we will fix it.


Time Limitations

You can contact us about a return, quality issue, or other unsatisfactory order issue within 14-days of the delivery date of your order to receive an exchange, coupon, return, or other means of help.

How do I initiate a return?

Simply call us, message us from your account here on Greek Letter Me, or e-mail us. Let us know what's wrong with your item. We may ask to see a photo of your item just to determine the exact issue. You can expect to hear from us quickly. While we can't think of a time where our quality didn't meet our standards or our customer's standards we still stand by our quality and guarantee it, as well as your satisfaction.